My vehicle wasn’t what I expected. What should I do?

When a driver accepts your request for a ride, your app will provide confirmation of the driver's vehicle make, model, and license plate number. This info helps you recognize the driver's vehicle at your pickup location. If your driver arrived in a vehicle with a license plate number different than what your app confirmed, please report us the issue using following steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch your Uber app
  2. Click on the three vertical small lines on the top left of the app

  3. Go to the "your Trips" and past trips record will be shown there

  4. Click on that trip in which car number plate was different and trip details will be shown to you

  5. In the bottom of the trip detail "help" must be mentioned. Select “My vehicle wasn’t what I expected”

  6. More options will be shown to you. Please select “My driver’s license plate was different”

  7. Provide all the required details of vehicle make, color, model, license plate number etc and press submit

Your complaint will be launched and Uber will take action against such drivers who violate Uber rules.For more information please contact us at or inbox us at or comment below.

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