Driver started the ride before reaching to me and Uber charged me amount for no reason. What should I do?

You must complain about non professional drivers using following steps and your charged amount will be refunded to you. 

1-      Launch your Uber app

2-      Click on the three vertical small lines on the top left of the app

3-      Go to the "your Trips" and past trips record will be shown to you

4-      Click on that trip in which driver started before reaching to you and trip details will be shown to you

5-      Go to the bottom of the trip details and “help” section with few frequently asked problems will be shown

6-      Click on the 4th option “My driver was unprofessional” and further few options will be shown to you.

7-      Select the relevant 8th option “I had a different issue with my driver” and it will require trip details. 

8-      Provide all the details that driver started the trip before reaching to me and Uber will investigate all the trip related record in its logs. 

9-      Your issue will be resolved soon and such nonprofessional driver licensed will be cancelled. In case you were charged any money, it will be refunded to your account which can be seen in payment section. 

For more information please contact us at or inbox us at or comment below. We always appreciate hearing from riders. We are working to improve Uber, and feedback helps us improve.

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